AEX 4.6 crossported by Schibeki

Только для ревизии 1.7

Патч безопасности: 2018-11-05

Что работает?

> FM-радио
> Камера
> Точка доступа
> Bluetooth
> Все датчики
> оффлайн-зарядка
> Led-уведомления

AEX: GoogleDrive
Root: встроен
Подмена памяти: нет
 Да (512 Мб)

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  1. Hi Schibeki,

    thanks for creating these ports. I have noticed that most of the AOSP/Lineageos based ports here suffer from battery drain on my phone. There is a constant PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK set by RILJ, which prevents the phone (i.e. the CPU) from ever going into deep sleep. Even when only installing the rom in TWRP without flashing GAPPS or any other SU zips.

    Could you explain what your base rom is from which you port or are all the roms here source builds? Could you provide the rom source somewhere? That would be helpful.